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Kansas brings Kolbe to middle school students more..

University Engineering students see the impact of conation on teams more..

Research and Articles

Distribution of Conative Strengths Among Teachers, Students, and Students diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD - This two-year study introduces alarming statistically significant results regarding the unequal distribution of certain conative strengths in students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in comparison to their non-ADD/ADHD peers and teachers.

Self-Regulation of How High School Students Manage Their Learning with a Student-Centered Curriculum - A doctoral thesis done by Julie Harper of Oregon State University which aimed to discover the methods used by High School students to self-manage their learning when they are given the ability to take part in curriculum development and choice.

Beyond Glop Shop - This article by Mickey Anderson and Bret Loucks from Vancouver Schools, provides a case study for improving team perfomance between students in the classroom.