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About Us

Our Mission

We will disseminate information regarding the conative abilities of all individuals, from infancy to old age, provide training on how to protect the freedom to act upon them, and educate individuals and their communities in practical ways to engage these natural strengths for positive purposes at the highest levels of social responsibility.

Statement of Values

We value the intrinsic capabilities of all individuals, from infancy to old age, and believe they are worthy of understanding, nurturing and protecting. 

We value the inalienable right of every human being to have the freedom to act upon these innate strengths, and believe it is important to assist people of all ages and cultures in that effort. 

We value the unbiased nature of conative abilities, which have proven not to vary by gender, age or race; and that it is essential to challenge myths, stereotypes, and systems that limit any person's opportunity to act on these abilities. 

We value the other aspects of the tripartite mind: the cognitive and affective domains. We seek wisdom in understanding and communicating how all of these factors, as well as physical attributes, integrate into the human condition. 

We value the individual's self-determination (free will) in deciding how to use his or her unique set of abilities. We hope to influence that creative problem solving process so that people elect to direct their natural abilities toward positive purposes, with the highest levels of social responsibility.