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Kansas brings Kolbe to middle school students more..

University Engineering students see the impact of conation on teams more..


Neuroscience Of Conation - Kolbe and Wigton used a protocol developed for an earlier study by ASU that identified neuropathway patterns related to conative energy in the brain in a resting state (Kolbe & Balthazard, 2010), to identify the location in the brain from which conative energy appears to originate.

Kolbe Statistical Handbook - The Kolbe System has grown out of Kathy Kolbe's scientific studies of learning differences among children that began in 1970.

Statistical Reports on Kolbe Indexes™ - Conducted by Dr. Ryan Thomas, this study provides summaries and meta-analyses of research performed by independent researchers and consultants as well as studies commissioned by Kolbe.

Conation: The Missing Link - This article by Dr. Karen Gerdes of Arizona State University gives an excellent background on the conative part of the mind and includes a call to action for the social work community. This is a pre-publication copy of an article that has been accepted by Social Work journal.

Conation As An Important Factor of Mind - a brief review of some research in the area of conation and volition and how these issues can be addressed in the learning process.