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Kansas brings Kolbe to middle school students more..

University Engineering students see the impact of conation on teams more..

Research and Articles

Distribution of Conative Strengths Among Teachers, Students, and Students diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD - This two-year study introduces alarming statistically significant results regarding the unequal distribution of certain conative strengths in students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in comparison to their non-ADD/ADHD peers and teachers.

How to be Wildly Successful - A column about Kolbe Wisdom by Dr. Martha Beck in The Oprah Magazine.

Parenting by Instinct - Peer groups, popular entertainment, and increasingly, video games and the Internet, all entice youngsters relentlessly-and compete with parental efforts. Dr. Edward Hoffman, Ph.D. and Kathy Kolbe discuss parenting, one of life's greatest satisfactions as well as its most intense challenges.

Derek's Story - A mother's view of the Kolbe Index.

Impulsive? Distracted? Quick Start? Experts say you suffer from ADD - Discover what Kathy Kolbe says may really be the cause of "ADD".

How to Get More Done - Kathy Kolbe writes about learning to use your instinctive strengths to operate more efficiently by having the "freedom to be yourself."

Relationships Built on Instinct - Dr. Edward Hoffman, Ph.D. discusses the way instincts influence your relationships.

Are You Igniting Your Own Burnout? - Conative expert Kathy Kolbe explains how you may be unknowingly leading yourself to burn out... and how you can reverse it.